Whether composing, preparing charts for a recording session, recording ourselves on guitars, synthesizers or sampled keyboards, creating sound effects, mixing music and sound, or designing sound systems these are the tools we use on most days.

MacBook Pros
ProTools 11 DAW
Ivory Pianos 2
NI Kontakt 5 Sampler
NI Guitar Rig 5
NI Absynth 5
McDSP EQ and Compression
Melodyne Pitch & Timing Manipulation
Altiverb Convolution Reverb
Speakerphone 2 Audio Plug-in
Finale Notation Software
Sibelius Notation Software
AudioMove 1.2 Conversion Software
Toast 8 Titanium
DiskTracker 2.4
Microsoft Excel
FileMaker Pro
Genelec Monitors     –    (1030A)
Earthworks Microphones     –     (SR30)
Microtech Geffel Microphones    –    (UM 70)
Grace Design Lunatec V2 Preamplifier
Northwood Acoustic Guitars
Martin Acoustic Guitars
Taylor Acoustic Guitars
Paul Reid Smith Electric Guitars
Yamaha Clavinova Keyboard
M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI Controller
(Travel Keyboard)
OWC Mercury Elit Pro 2T 7200
(Travel Hard Drive – stores all our sfx and commercial sfx libraries)
OWC On-the-Go 320 G 7200
(Travel Hard Drive – stores our current projects)